Take a look at the finished bicycle here..

Monday, 10 December 2012

The plycycle and I make it into a magazine...

Ha, so I was helping my pal Gav Strange out with his Fixed and Chips race, when the editor of a bike magazine who was covering that event ( which was very cool by the way ) asked me if I would be in it with the plycycle. Well i thought about it for a milli second and said yes.
So here is the evidence.

Here we are in the Urban Cyclist magazine.

I am pleased to say that the Plycycle is still going strong, I love riding it and it is admired at every turn, which makes me feel proud. Long may it stay in one piece.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I have made a website just showing the finished PLYCYCLE. It is There are lots of new images of the bike so you can see it in better detail, just head to the gallery page.

I hope it works, it is on a free hosting site and does run a tad slow and it has a small add banner, I do apologise.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Bespoked Bristol.

It was a lovely sunny weekend over the 24th -26th of March here in Bristol, which made getting on the Plycycle and riding down to Bespoked Bristol to see the show even better.

It was the first proper ride on the Plycyle after the winter and it was amazing. It really is a lovely ride, even if i do say so myself. When I parked the bike outside, I felt awkward leaving it for the first time, but i set off into the show. When I came out there was a small crowd around it and my chest swelled with pride. I answered a bunch of questions, yes I made it, no its not so heavy, no I don't really know how strong it is.... etc, etc.

During the show I found not one but two other wooden bike projects. Both more evolved than mine, but both tackling the same challenges and both with different results. After talking with them I felt that my design was strong and I had tackled common issued in a similar way. It gave me confidence that my bike will be strong in the long term.

First I found the Flat Frame System booth with Mike there to answer questions about his work. It was great to meet him and see his wonderful bike.

The Flat Frame System bike.

Then Just as I was leaving I saw Axalko company outside with their bike. It is a very serious pro bike similar to the Renovo set up. It is a very impressive machine. Enrique from Axalko was very generous with his time and it was great to see a young company with such passion taking on the bike world of metal.

The Axalko bike.

So having absorbed lots of lovely bikes at Bespoked I set off home on the Plycycle, it was such a lovely day and the bike felt so good I had to take the long way home.

My bike wooden bike, the Plycycle, out and about.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

This blog as a book.

I have made this blog into an actual physical book and e-book.  Click here to see it.  I thought it would be nice to do, just to have it in my hands, but also because it makes it easier to see the project as a progression. The only bits missing are the videos, other than that its all there.
But possibly the best reason is that I can now show my Grandmother who loves books and has no intention of looking at a blog.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wooden bike out and about.

I was riding the finished wooden bike around the city docks the other day and took this. It is a great bike to ride, really comfortable. I am still thinking about putting the Sturmy Archer 2 speed /roller brake hub in the rear wheel.... One day.