Take a look at the finished bicycle here..

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Fitting the metal work.

I really felt like I have made a step forward with the coming together of the metal parts and the main wooden bike frame. So what did I do? Well.... I split the frame into its two halfs and inserted the metal pieces to daw around them.

Bottom bracket lined up for marking.

I then routed out inside the markings to allow the plate sections to neatly sit between the two halfs of the frame. I also cut some slightly deepersections in the center of each plate to allow some extra epoxy to create a plug. The plate will have some holes drilled in it eventually to allow the epoxy to bond though.

Botton bracket fitted.

Head tube fitted.

At the mement the pieces are fairly loose fitting because of my relative inexperience in this type of building. I think that the epoxy resin will help me out here.

The next few steps are fiddly and there will be no aparent progress, as in new parts. Its just bonding, and tweaking to get the rear stays to fit. Rear drop out parts are in the post, and will heavily influence how the back end of the bike turns out.


  1. Really nice work and plywood is perfect choice for frame. I finished my own lowrider just about a month ago. Some pictures of building it and "ready" bike:

    I had some problems with loose fittings between metal and wooden parts. They just cracked open. But I didn't have those "fitting fins", just the tubes. I solved the problem by buying exactly right size drills.

    Good luck with the project. I'll be waiting to see ready bike.

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