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Monday 14 March 2011

Bike design, next step.

I took the BikeCAD image below, with its acurate angles, (but designed with a steel frame in mind) and copied it in illiustrator. This llowed me to start plying with the proportions of my wooden bike design. It is amazing how fast little details acumilate and have a knoc on. For example, the only way to maintain the geomtry of the frame that I designed in BikeCAD, and add material for strenght, is to
increase it into the central frame viod. This in turn makes the botom bracket fixing point rather out on a limb, very low down. So that needed tweking and beefing up and so on. The above is by no means the answer, but it isthe first time I have seen what the shapes may actually have to look like. This will (I hope) evolve as I add detail and the inevitable probems arise.

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