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Thursday 3 March 2011


Ok so its a big question.
I have always loved bikes, of all types, motored or otherwise. I cycle to work and my children cycle to school. we are a cycling family. We have a van and a motorbike, oh and a morris minor too, but I like bikes. A while back i decided to try and restore an old Raliegh fram into a fixed geat comuting bike. I loved the restoration process and I love riding the bike even more, I still have it.
I have always enjoyed making things and one thing led to another and I decided to try and make a wooden bike. I have basic tools and limited build space, but I think it will only add to the challenge... in a positive way.
Wooden bikes can look lumpy and cubmersome, they can also look dashing and elegant. For the moment i will be happy if I can ride what I make. i think I will create a proof of concept 'attempt' first, and if that works it can be refined.

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