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Saturday 16 April 2011

Cutting the frame....

So I did it I took the saw to my quite expensive piece of ply wood. It is the bit I have been looking forward to the most in this whole wooden bike building project. The first cut. I used the card board templates to mark out and just got stuck in. As it turns out I have enough ply for a second attempt if I make a boo boo on this first attempt.

I cut two pieces from the same template, which are now mostly the same shape. Next I need to temporarily fix them together so that I can shape them to be exactly the same shape. This will also include detailing and trimming to reduce weight.

I also marked out a rough template for the rear stays, but they are not cut out yet, the video shows the two parts of the frame, cut and lying together.

I have decided to use West Systems Epoxy in my build. It looks like it will do everything I need. Most of all they put out a really great info booklet and DVD to help first timer like me. The main place the epoxy will be used is to join my two halfs of the frame and probably to reinforce internal sections I router out for weight saving.

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