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Friday 1 April 2011

More bits.

Ah ha ha haaa, a couple more bits arrived in the post. I have gone for a 1 inch head tube and fork set up. I had already bought the head tube section of tube ready for cutting down to size, so I needed to get a set of forks. I have to make this bike as economically as I can, so I have not gone for super light or posh branded components so far. I am not anticipating this bike to be light weight, but I hope it wont be cumbersomely heavy either. Anyway, I found a set of forks that will fit nicely and look nice. Being fairly cheap they are slightly chunky, but I think this will help with the inevitably slightly more chunky look the wood will have. Also a great thing about this set of forks is that the threaded section is over long and can be cut to size. Many of the budget forks have a pre determined thread length.

I bought the stem from Velo Solo a great web site supplying specialist parts for fixed gear bikes. It is a reforge of a very popular old Cinelli stem. I already have one on my classic 1980's Ralleigh fixie, it is a stylish looking stem, but best of all doesn't break the bank. I also have a new head set in the garage left over from my fixie conversion, I didn't use it as I chose to restore the original instead of going new.
So the bits and bobs are gathering, I want to get some wood next to do some testing.

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